Rick Riley

Treasurer (Omaha, NE)

Rick Riley - Recycled Fish Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Rick travels the Midwest in search of bass. Competing in over 30 tournaments a year in as many as 8 states he has amassed quite a collection of fishing licenses. Rick was initially attracted to Recycled Fish because of the catch-and-release message, a practice he fully believed in and was already implementing in his tournament outings. As a Steward, he quickly realized there were quite a few lifestyle improvements he could make to help him catch more and bigger bass. His mission now is to help spread the message of Recycled Fish, increase steward participation and get individuals engaged in the activity of improving our nation’s fisheries. "Most Tournament anglers falsely believe, like I did, that the simple act of catch-and-release is all that is necessary to maintain a healthy bass population. It’s a start, but it isn’t the total picture. Things like keeping used plastic baits out of the lake, disposing of fishing line properly, and preventing the transportation of invasive aquatic species are just as critical while on the water. Being affiliated with Recycled Fish has also helped me live greener at home too, because I now know - it all runs downstream." To learn more about Rick, visit his website www.hookR2.com.