Robert Montgomery

Board of Directors (Missouri Ozarks)

Robert Montgomery - Recycled Fish Robert has recently joined the Recycled Fish board of directors. Robert Montgomery is a long-time Senior Writer for ESPN/BASS Publications. He writes mostly about conservation and fisheries-related environmental issues for BASS Times. His column, BASS Nation, runs regularly in Bassmaster Magazine.In addition, the Missouri native is a contributing editor for Stratos Magazine, writing features about fishing adventures worldwide.Montgomery has written articles, essays, and short stories for dozens of other outdoors, youth, and general interest publications. He served on the advisory committee for the International Game Fish Association’s Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum. And he has worked with the American Fisheries Society and Clean Water Network on special projects.He is the author of Better Bass Fishing, a book presenting a holistic approach to angling, published by Countryman Press in spring 2009.
Montgomery lives with Ursa the Devil Dog on a small lake in the Missouri Ozarks, and has shared many fishing adventures as a Big Brother in the Friends of the Family mentoring program.