About the Stewardship Pledge

The Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge is the entry point into Recycled Fish, and it’s paying off in significant, measurable ways.

More than 90% of anglers who take the Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge say that within one year they learn more about being stewards of our waters. Over 65% say that they actually change the way they live.

Stewardship Pledge - We Are Stewards

Engage. The Stewardship Pledge engages anglers. Taking the pledge initiates Stewardship to Recycled Fish and creates a conscious commitment to live as a steward.

Educate. It opens the door to an ongoing conversation on problems facing our fishery, and how to solve them.

Equip. Stewardship Kits are given free to anyone who takes the Pledge at a live event or who pays $10 for a ‘Standard Stewardship’ on our website. The kits equip the angler to live as stewards through fish-friendly product samples and educational material.

We Are Stewards.