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Classic Stewardship Tips

#1) Change to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLS) use much less energy than standard light bulbs and create less waste by lasting five times longer.
For More Information see Energy Star

#2) Use Reusable Shopping bags.
Plastic shopping bags use energy to manufacture and transport and do not biodegrade.
For More Information see How to Live Without Plastic Bags

#3) Stop Receiving Junk Mail.
Unwanted mail and solicitations account for tons of waste every year, not to mention the toll manufacturing and transportation the raw and finished products has on the earth.
Learn more on stopping Junk Mail at Global Stewards

#4) Buy Used.
Help keep landfills from filling up and reduce manufacturing and transportation energy consumption down by buying used items at yard sales and thrift stores. One resource: Salvation Army

#5) Donate Your Unwanted Items.
Make your old stuff available for another generation of use and keep them from becoming landfill by donating them to a local charity.
For one place to donate please see Goodwill.

#6) Plant a native tree.
The benefits to planting a native tree are many. From natural air filtration, to shading your home during the summer. For more information visit the Arbor Day Foundation.

#7) Buy Energy Star Appliances.
Avoid buying products that have high energy usage by buying Energy Star appliances that will save money and pollution. For more information see EnergyStar

#8) Know Your Impact.
Understanding your impact is an important step in finding ways to lessen your impact. For more information check out the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

#9) Buy Green Energy.
Many utility companies off you the opportunity to purchase energy produced in environmentally friendly methods. By investing in green energy you invest in the pursuit of renewable energy sources. For more information on renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation products see Green-e

#10) Wrap Your Hot Water Heater.
Wrapping your water heater in blanket can save on lost energy, thereby saving on pollution and money. For more information visit US Department of Energy.

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