Hardwater Open Tournaments 2012

Sponsors of our 2010 - 2011 On Ice TourThe Recycled Fish Hardwater Open Tournaments support stewardship through exciting ice fishing competitions. Funds raised at the tournaments benefit Recycled Fish, but what makes the events special is the camaraderie and fun.

We have two tournaments each year: The Okojobi Hardwater Open is an individual competition and the Big Creek Hardwater Open is a team competition.

On Ice Tour - Hardwater Open Tournaments - Recycled Fish Okoboji Hardwater Open information link Big Creek Hardwater Open information link The schedule of events at the Okojobi Hardwater Open and the Big Creek Hardwater Open tournaments goes something like this:

Saturday at noon a hot lunch is served right on the ice to anglers during who are pre-fishing. While donations are welcome, your tournament registration makes you eligible to join for lunch and telling lies. This is always a good time to see friends and make new ones.

Saturday night an indoor "Ice Bash" event serves as the mandatory rules meeting for the next day's tournament, but door prizes and a silent auction keep the excitement high. Stewardship Tips during this gathering help anglers learn the latest on how to be good stewards of our waters.

Sunday's tournament is the pinnacle event with a blastoff shortly after sunrise, weigh-ins in the early afternoon. Anglers are welcome to retain legal fish although a release pit is provided for anyone who wishes to release their catch alive.

Register here for the tournaments – early registration will give you the best placement in the lineup.

Please feel free to contact Tournament Director Ben Leal with any questions about the Hardwater Open Tournaments.

The Recycled Fish “On Ice” Tour is made possible with the support of Grabber Warmers, Ice Team, Strikemaster, Clam Corporation, Berkley, Scheels, Green Tackle, Recycled Fish and the contributions of other key partners, Recycled Fish Stewards and concerned anglers. If you would like to help out our "On Ice" Tour, Please read more about how to Donate to the "On Ice" Tour.

How You Can Help

We have the Recycled Fish "On Ice" Tour "Short Rods" Long Sleeve T-shirt available at our Online Store. You can also get a copy of our new Stewardship "On Ice" booklet.

The Recycled Fish 'On Ice' Tour brings the Stewardship Ethic to waters across the ice belt every winter. It would be impossible without the support of Strikemaster, Clam Outdoors Ice Team, Grabber Warmers and Vexilar.

The Recycled Fish Hardwater Opens also receive support from Scheels of Des Moines, Berkley and Fenwick.