Recycled Fish "On Ice"

  Recycled Fish 'On Ice' 2013 'Recycled Fish 'On Ice' Recycled Fish 'On Ice' Stewards present Electric Ice Auger Comparision  

Recycled Fish 'On Ice' makes a big difference for waters across the ice belt. We've helped bring the catch and release ethic to ice fishing. We've handed out thousands of bags that have accounted for thousands of gallons of trash removed from the ice. Learn more about why and how you can make a difference.


Recycled Fish 'On Ice' Newsletter 2015 The Recycled Fish Stewardship On Ice Newsletter is available now. Simply click on the Stewardship On Ice Newsletter image on the left to view, print or share!

Interested in comparing Electric Ice Augers? Check out our side-by-side comparison!

This program would be impossible without the support of Ice Team, Clam Outdoors, Grabber Warmers and Vexilar. HotSpot Outdoors is the official media partner, and we're also working with the Alaska Conservation Foundation to raise awareness and support for Bristol Bay.

We also have some helpful tips about Ice Safety & Stewardship that we hope you’ll check out.