Stewardship Tips

Stewrdship Tips headerSign up for our Stewardship Tips, a weekly online lesson on being a steward of our waters.

Some Stewardship Tips are about things we can do on the water, like:

  • More effective Catch and Release Tactics
  • Doing Selective Harvest effectively
  • Lead-Free tackle and Biodegradable Baits
  • Making up for the other guy

Many are about things we can do every day to help our waters, because our lifestyle runs downstream.

  • More fish-friendly lawn care
  • Why recycling matters
  • Making your bathroom use less water
  • The power of insulation
  • Household Hazardous waste

The Stewardship Tip is sort of an “online correspondence course” and the only test is life. Use the short form on the right side of each page to sign up today and become an effective steward of our waters.

You can visit a complete Archive of Stewardship Tips or read our Classic Stewardship Tips for more information

Recycled Fish is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. We engage, educate and equip anglers to be stewards of our natural resources both when we’re fishing and through everyday living, because our lifestyle runs downstream.