Artists & Reproductions

Preserve your trophy and let it live, too!

No matter what species you’re harvesting, keep mid-sized fish and release the biggest specimens. Big fish aren’t usually just old, they’re genetically superior faster growers. Whose kids are going to be taller, Shaquille O’Neill or Tom Cruise? Shaquille O’Neill, of course! Why?
The answer is genetics.

Big fish make big fish, and small fish make small fish – even if they’re the same species. Take big fish out of a population and you take big genes out of the population. All these years, we kept the big ones and threw the little ones back. Guess what we got in return? Smaller fish!

Worst of all, true giants too often are hung on walls. These days, a good steward will take a photo and have a photo, drawing or fiber­glass reproduction made to remember the trophy. Quality re­productions look just as good, cost about the same, last longer, and allow those giant fish to spread their good genes in future spawning cycles.

Here are some sources we can recommend:

Curt Redden – You Catch, We Sketch
Fish art by Curt Redden

Crappie by Curt Redden of Fish Portraits - Recycled Fish

We'll paint a lifetime memory of that great fishing trip, a souvenir of a child's first catch, or just a beautiful original art that will increase in sentimental and real value. We create more than memories, listing the angler's name, where and when caught, length, weight and lure. The portrait can be the exact size of your catch, too. And, we can work from most photos - great for catch and release. If your art is used for a limited edition printing, the angler's name can appear on an "about this fish" page to be sent with all copies. Love fishing but don't have that trophy yet? Consider a signed, numbered print of your favorite fish or perhaps a one-of-a-kind gift for your favorite fisherman.

Mike Savlen

Photo of catch before Savlen Studios re-do - Recycled Fish
Photo after Savlen Studios re touch - Recycled Fish

Mike Savlen at Savlen Studios does not only fine art work, but digital hero shots from your photo. Learn more about what he does and how he does it in this episode of The Fish Schtick:


Fibertech Productions

Walleye mount by Fibertech Productions - Recycled Fish

Fibertech Productions, located just north of Brainerd, MN, specializes in fiberglass carbon-graphite fish reproductions mounts. Fish replica mounts made of fiberglass and graphite are made in "true replica form" because the molds are actually made from real fish. Each fish is custom-painted (backed by over 35 years experience) which is important since each fish will vary in color depending on the area where they are caught. A replica mount is also extremely durable and will not fade or become brittle.
You will eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional skin mounts. Some common problems are: (1) Skin shrinkage (2) A continuous odor you can never get rid of, brittle fins and skin that have a tendency to fall apart (3) Skin mounts leak natural oils that cause the paint to fade and the scales to lift.
A carbon graphite fiberglass fish reproduction is an extremely durable, long lasting alternative to traditional skin mounts. The replica will withstand hot or cold climates and will never deteriorate or shrink.
The custom paint will never fade and it very easy to maintain and keep clean, simply wipe your trophy with a damp cloth. And finally, the cost of making a reproduction is very comparable, and in some cases less expensive than a conventional mount.

Advanced Wildlife Designs

Photo inside Advanced Taxidermy shop - Recycled Fish

Our reproductions are made from the most advanced moulds in the industry (currently over 6,000). Tooled with the precision of master craftsman, the creations are painted with true artistic perspective.  Working with natural light, the colours of the specimens are duplicated to exact detail. We advise our clients on lighting, types of woods or display ideas that will enhance your office or home.

Photo Print on Canvas

Easy Canvas PrintsCost can be a factor in preserving the memory of an amazing catch, but it doesn’t have to be. For under $50 you could have the photo of that amazing catch printed to canvas and hung on your wall. Stylize the photo in Photoshop yourself for a more artistic appeal, or just have the photo printed to canvas then stretched on a frame. This may be the fastest way to have your day on the water converted to a memory on the wall of your office or den, too. Printing your photo on canvas is classy, it’s affordable, and it’s a very nice alternative to a yellowing fish hanging on the wall. Less to dust, too! We like EasyCanvasPrints.