Calculators - Recycled FishThese calculators do all kinds of cool stuff for you, from estimating weight of a fish you caught to determining your environmental impact. It’s all helpful stuff to know as far as living as a steward goes!

This Fish Calculator from Fish Dreams allows you to figure weight on a released fish where you took on-the-water measurements, but it has different formulas for different species, which is helpful. A length / girth measurement for a flat-sided fish like a bluegill will certainly be different than that of a torpedo-shaped fish like a trout.

Want a second opinion? Try the BassResource Calculator, which also offers choices of different freshwater species.

Which is tougher to catch, a 5-pound largemouth bass in Oklahoma or a 3-pound brown trout in Colorado? The Angling Masters International Fish Calculator gives fish a "score" as opposed to a weight, and also ranks the fish among other fish entered into the AMI system.

The H2O Conserve Water Footprint Calculator helps you figure out how much water you and your household consume each day, and how to reduce your usage (while saving you money!) Fish need water, and there’s only so much to go around…it’s as simple as that.

The Climate Crisis Carbon Calculator helps figure your carbon footprint. Think there’s a link between fisheries and CO2? You bet! Nothing is changing the nature of our fisheries - and nothing will have a greater impact on our fisheries - than climate change. Not to mention the immediate-term impact on fisheries from coal-fired power; oil extraction, refining, and pollution; and other factors associated with burning fossil fuels. Fixing fisheries involves reducing our personal carbon contributions.

Here’s the Carbon Fund Carbon Calculator, where you can also purchase offsets.