Catch and Release Guides

Recycled Fish LogoFrom BTU (Bonefish & Tarpon Unlimited) Comes this handy guide for C&R on Bonefish.

These practices hold true for pretty much every species in an easy-to-follow illustrated .pdf guide.

Download the color brochure here.

Our own Catch-and-Release how-to should be a primer for every angler.

Be sure to read Ralph Manns’ article covering advanced tactics for deeply hooked fish.

For Tournament anglers, this simple 3-page guide covers best practices for tournament care for bass. You'll also want to visit B.A.S.S. Conservation for the latest developments in tournament care.

"Keeping Bass Alive" by Gene Gilliland and Hal Schramm is the premier source of information for tournament care of fish. Buy it for a few bucks, or read it online for free here.

In addition to Catch and Release, Selective Harvest is an important part of a lifestyle of stewardship. Here is an overview on how we can practice Selective Harvest successfully.