Charging Ahead

Today we have sustainable options available to us to help offset the problems we’ve listed here, with more and different products being introduced all the time. There are a number of non-lead products on the market, soft plastic lures that are made from tougher plastics that are more resistant to tearing, ripping, or getting thrown from our hooks, and even biodegradable plastic and non-plastic options. Some are even considered completely digestible by the fish. With advancements in angling technology offering eco-friendly products, we as anglers now have choices.

And the thing is, with more anglers demanding more eco-friendly options, our friends who design and manufacture these products will provide them. But it’s up to us first. Only upon our demand with the supply come.

The point is this: none of us are perfect. As anglers, we’re going to leave an imprint - it’s inevitable. No matter how hard we try to practice "leave no trace fishing" through S.A.F.E. practices, we’re still going to leave a mark from time to time. The real trick is to reduce our imprint, reduce our negative impact, and offset negative impacts with positive ones.

It’s within easy reach for all of us. The next time you’re on the water, you can know inside you’re making a difference. You. You aren’t just one who has identified the problem, you are part of the solution. And you’ll bring others aboard with you. You are a S.A.F.E. Angler. You are a steward.