Gearing Up

As anglers, we are sometimes traditionalist, sometimes forward thinkers, and most times both – we exist in balance between both. On one hand, most of us have no problem walking into a sporting goods store or bait shop to purchase the hottest lure or fly, even if we already own several of them in a slightly different shade of chartreuse. Yet on the other hand, we can often become resistant of new ideas, tactics or practices. Why is that?

When we find fishing success with a new lure or presentation, we’ve proven to ourselves that we are willing to try something new. Every time we tie on the new lure or fly, we prove that we are both intentional optimists and embracers of change. S.A.F.E. Angling offers simple choices that you can make every time you fish, so that each cast has hope for the future – not apprehension or doubt on the end of the line.

S.A.F.E. Angling examines different gear, practices, and techniques we can use that will have a long-term positive impact on our fish and fisheries. It demonstrates respect and responsibility for this gift of the wild and natural places that we enjoy and steward.

At the same time, Eco Frendly Fishing increases your opportunities to catch more and bigger fish by taking care of them through stewardship. The more of us practicing Eco Friendly Fishing, the more we’re all going to have more productive days and nights on the water.

Since these are the results of making changes and fishing in a more eco-friendly way, it will only require us to re-think and re-gear (our minds mostly), and plan in a new way on the front-end.

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