Set Hooks Immediately

Circle Hooks for SAFE Angling - Recycled Fish

Set hook immediately (unless using circle hooks).

SAFE Angling Practice #5:

In most instances, a strike, followed quickly by the hookset, is better for the fish, as the fish has less time to swallow the entire bait, and subsequently, the hook as well. This reduces the likelihood of gut-hooking the fish and diminishing it’s chance of survival. This is particularly true when fishing live-, dead-, or cut-baits.

Contrary to popular belief among some anglers, hooks deeply embedded within the fish stomach or gullet generally don’t rust out. Today, hooks are made of various materials, or are plated with various materials such as nickel, which make them stronger for their diameter and allow for an easier hookset, esp. from a distance. Many of higher quality hooks are far less apt to rust or disintegrate even in the fish’s stomach over time.

Hook style is always a consideration for the serious angler, and some hook types require different hooksets. Hooks such as circle hooks and some kahle-style hooks allow for a slower hook set or merely reasonable tension on the line in order to set. Consideration of the type of hook being used is always necessary.


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