Berkley Gulp! & Gulp! Alive

Berkley Gulp logo - Recycled FishS.A.F.E. Angling focuses on products that not only allow anglers to fish in ways more responsible to our waters, but to fish effectively as well. One of the most significant achievements in this arena as been the success of Berkley’s bio-soft Gulp! baits. Berkley has designed and marketed Gulp! as an artificial lure to challenge the inherent characteristics of live bait. It’s got pliancy and assortment of colors and shapes of popular soft plastic baits such as worms, minnows, curl tail grubs, and crawfish imitations. But it’s also got a powerful, water-based scent release system that releases scent in the water even better than live bait. The truly lasting achievement is not only it’s proven ability to catch virtually all species of fish in both fresh and saltwater, but that it is environmentally-responsible in that it is biodegradable. This rids our waters of soft plastic lures that, once lost from our hooks, spend hundreds of years on the bottoms of our lakes, streams and seas, or detrimentally ingested by fish and wildlife.

Berkley Gulp leech - Recycled FishThrough tens of thousands of fish tests over 17 years, both in the lab an on the water, Berkley scientists have figured out the key to attracting and catching fish. To attract fish and get them to feed, you have to appeal to their senses of smell and taste, technically known as chemoreceptors.

Notes Dr. Keith Jones, director of the Berkley fish research program, "With all fish, only a small portion of the chemical substances they detect appeal to their brain and tell them that ‘this is food.’ The hard part comes in identifying what those chemicals are."

For genetic reasons, Jones asserts that no two fish species are excited by the same chemical substances. Widely diverse species, such as rainbow trout and largemouth bass, may show very little overlap in their chemical feeding spectrums. Thus, there is no one attractant that truly applies equally well to all fish.

For years, ongoing Berkley studies, conducted in its own Fish Lab, have worked to identify the exact chemical specifications needed to trigger feeding in different gamefish. Through their research, Jones and Berkley Chemical Engineer, John Prochnow, have chemically dismantled scores of natural foods and flavors, and categorized their components in those that act as positive, negative, or neutral feeding stimulants. "What we set out to do is develop baits with unnaturally strong scent release systems and, therefore, the capacity to catch more fish," describes Prochnow. Shape, size, action, and color are also considered during optimal bait development.

Berkely Gulp soft bait - Recycled FishBerkley research efforts were rewarded dramatically by the creation of a new bait type that effectively bridges the gap between artificial baits, Mother Nature and science. They called it "Berkley Gulp! ".Gulp! Baits are very similar in texture and chemical potency to live bait but with all the shape, action, and color advantages of soft plastics.

Berkley Gup Catfish Bait - Recycled FishThrough a technology previously unknown to artificial baits, Gulp! actually releases scent 400 times faster than equivalent plastic baits. And with all natural ingredients, Gulp! is biodegradable.

Berkley Gulp sinking minnow - Recycled FishDoug Stange, In-Fisherman Editor in Chief and National Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee, has stated that he has forgone fishing walleyes with live bait for the past several years instead preferring Berkley’s Gulp! minnows. An article in the 2008 Catfish In-Sider explored the possibilities and cited successes using bio-soft lures, including Berkley’s Gulp! products, as new option for catching catfish, especially channel cats. Saltwater anglers, who routinely use cutbait and lures, gravitate toward Berkley’s Gulp! line, especially when since it offers choices such as baits shaped like crabs, bloodworms, baitfish, shrimp, and eels. Such offerings seem perfectly designed for stripers, redfish, and more.

Gulp Alive - Recycled FishMore recently, Berkley has introduced "Gulp! Alive" to their line. Gulp! Alive is similar to the original Gulp! baits, but are kept contained in a small "bait-bucket," or more recently, a clear oblong plastic jar, with the Gulp! baits floating suspended in the liquid Gulp! formula. This new development not only helps keep the baits free from becoming misshapen from being in the standard plastic pouch, but also keeps them better hydrated and "fully charged" by floating in the powerful Gulp! liquid formula. Used Gulp! Alive baits can also be put back into the bait buckets or jars of Gulp! Alive solution for later use.

Gulp Pre-rigged shrimp - Recycled FishGulp! baits come are made for both fresh and saltwater anglers in many shapes, sizes, colors and actions, and Berkley is introducing more products constantly to their line, the latest which include beaver-tail or trilobite-shaped creatures, "crazy-legged" fluke-like minnows, and eels. With so many choices being offered, there is bound to be a Berkley Gulp! bait for every angler, no matter the species of fish being sought.

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