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Big Bite Baits announces the release of a patented, exclusive new line of baits they have developed called BioBait.

Big Bite Baits of Eufala, Ala. is a 10-year-old company that manufactures a full line of soft plastic lures. The focus of S.A.F.E. Angling are their new Bio Baits.

BioBait Finesse Worm - Recycled Fish
Big Bite Baits claims that BioBait is a 100% biodegradable soft material that contains all natural ingredients with the look and feel of a conventional soft plastic lure. BioBait releases scent into the water at a much higher rate than traditional plastic. It is loaded with naturally derived fish attractants. There are no fish repelling chemicals within the bait, therefore fish bite it and do not release. It contains no petroleum products that repel fish.

Unlike other biodegradable baits on the market, BioBait says that their product will not dry out when exposed to air. It can be fished and re-used again after sitting on the hook for extended periods of time. BioBait does not require resealable bags and can be opened and closed repeatedly without adverse effects to the product.

BioBait Thumpin' Worm - Recycled Fish
Although the BioBaits line is only 6 months old, the product has undergone extensive testing with outstanding results.

"I am in the process of working on a new creature bait with Big Bite," professional bass angler Jeff Kriet told The BASS ZONE recently. "I have already been smashing big fish on it in testing. The Bio Bait is different from other biodegradable soft baits in that it produces true colors and feels like traditional soft plastics without drying out," Kriet explained. "They are also coming out with a swimbait that has great action … they swim great."

Big Bite Baits’ Pro Staff Manager and Marketing Executive Clayton Batts relayed his own success story to Recycled Fish. "I was fishing in West Alabama between bass tournaments, and scored not only my first 10 pound bass with a BioBaits lure, but I caught three in a row! I got a a 10.1, 10.6 lbs, and a 12 pound goliath! I only needed to change my bait out once, fishing with BioBaits 6" Finesse Worm. "

Biobait Trick Stick - Recycled Fish
Not only has Batts enjoyed the success of big fish, but numbers as well, telling of an adventure on Lake Sinclair and boating 75 – 200 bass a day drop-shotting the BioBaits. Batts says, "Fish bite it and hang on tight!"

BioBaits started over the concern of finding trout with soft plastic worms in their bellies after being caught. BioBaits was the solution! Batts says that through testing, the BioBaits lures were found in the stomachs of fish one week after ingestion. Biobait was breaking down and had not been rejected by the fish in that length of time. "We have found that the BioBaits break down about 30% in one week. These baits are 100% natural."

BioBait road Kill - Recycled Fish
This unique formula is effective for all types of game fish including saltwater and freshwater species. It is being offered in top selling colors in shapes and color patterns for all species of fish.

While there are only a small number of lure manufacturing companies pioneering biodegradable soft molded lures at this time, Batts says the BioBait lures won’t slip down the hook or slide off when casting. While they are pliable like soft plastics, they are still tough and hold up to multiple fish. And as far as drying out when out of the bag, they won’t. While you can open them up and store them in a plastic tackle storage box, Batt suggests you leave them in the bags. "While you don’t have to keep them in the bag, it’s probably best. They’re juicy and have lots of oils in them, so it might be less messy, and they’ll just keep better." Batts also says one thing that distinguishes the Big Bite Baits BioBaits is that they can do anything with their product that is done with soft plastics. "Of all of the companies doing this sort of thing, we are the only ones who have been able to offer a tube bait. No one else has done that. We can make any shape, any color. With BioBaits, we also have translucent baits as well, like "Clear, with a Copper Flake Core". We even have a "Glow-Core" product."
BioBait YoMamma - Recycled Fish
Batts also said that there many products still to come, some of which include a BioBait version of their Big Bite Baits 6" Pro-Lizard. Batts mentioned that one of the other things on the agenda was to add 8 new colors to the selection of their current line of BioBait products to include colors such as RedBug, JuneBug, and Plum-Apple.

Benefits Summary:
-Increased fish attracting ability
-High scent release in water
-Produced with all natural products
-Does not dry out or harden in the air

Check out the BioBaits for yourself here.

You may also see the Big Bite Baits BioBaits products at Jann’s Netcraft.

Or you may contact the company at:

Big Bite Baits
PO Box 1375
Eufaula, AL 36072

Toll free phone 877-222-7429

Or see their products at www.BigBiteBaits.com

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