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BossTin - Recycled FishThere is a popular misconception among anglers that "going lead-free" with fishing tackle means purchasing equipment that is exorbitantly expensive, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While it is true that many tungsten offerings for jigs, worm weights, spinnerbaits, and other lures are typically more expensive, many of these products are primarily made available because those are the same products that anglers want and look for because that is what the bass pros are using on TV tournaments and extolling the virtues of in fishing magazines. If that is what anglers want, fishing tackle companies will work to make these items available and meet angler demand. And that’s O.K.. But for other anglers who want to be able to afford to make the switch from lead tackle to non-lead tackle, there are other options. Not all non-lead fishing tackle has to be made of tungsten and not all of it has to be appreciably more expensive than lead.

BossTin swivel Sinkers - Recycled FishNon-lead tackle also includes fishing products made from other materials that are not toxic like lead and not as expensive as tungsten. For anglers looking for more environmentally responsible options, tin and bismuth are two metals that don’t pose the danger and health risks that lead does to waterfowl and water birds, our fisheries, and to our very own drinking water supplies. BossTin fishing tackle offers a wide variety of "fish and waterfowl friendly products" for anglers endeavoring to step up and aid in stewarding our waters.

BossTin The One-shot Split Shot - Recycled FishBossTin, a fishing tackle company located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, offers a warm water line of bismuth-tin alloy products as well as a cold water line of products, including fly-fishing products, for those fishing trout and salmon on their favorite streams and tailwaters.

BossTin’s warmwater bass and bait weights include swivel-sinkers (like bell-sinkers), slip-ovals (think egg-sinkers), and slip-bullets (like worm weights), all made from a bismuth-tin alloy and ranging from 1/8 to ¾ ounce. Tin split-shot is available in 3 sizes to accommodate any fishing need. Jigheads in both round, ball-head as well as tube-style jigheads are also included in BossTin’s line up, ranging from 1/124th up to ¾ ounce, depending on style. Again, BossTin offers these conservation-minded products at a realistic price and designed from their bismuth-tin alloy.

BossTin slip oval - Recycled FishFor their coldwater line, BossTin offers a full range of split-shot and bead heads, the split-shot being available in both round and oval shapes for versatility. For greater ease on the water, they make the product available in an assortment of different dispensers, providing the angler with whatever is needed, quickly and efficiently. A truly unique product for the coldwater angler is BossTin’s new "Stix-N-Stonz" non-toxic weight series, designed specifically for fishing highly-pressured waters for finicky and wary fish. The Stix-N-Stonz line offers weights in natural and subtle colors and an assortment of sizes and shapes that mimic twigs and pebbles to provide the ultimate in stealth and finesse. Again, not only lead-free, but reasonably-priced.

As with all fishing products offered in our marketplace, product availability comes with angler demand. As more anglers become aware of, and ask for, these items, more environmentally sound tackle will start becoming available. But the first step is with the angler.

Whether you’re fly-fishing your favorite stretch for salmon or trout, or spinning for them, or whether you’re going for crappie, walleye, bronzeback, largemouth, perch or bullhead, BossTin has you covered! Check out their quality line of affordable products at www.BossTin.com!

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