S.A.F.E. Angling Products: Bullet Weights

Bullet Weights - Ultra Steel - Recycled FishWhat began as a simple but unique idea became the building block of one of the largest and most innovative sinker manufacturing companies in the United States.

Bullet Weights was founded by Larry Crumrine in Grand Island, Nebraska in 1970. Larry Crumrine, an engineer and avid fisherman, had the simple idea of designing a lead weight with a shape that could more easily be fished by bass anglers in heavy cover. He eventually developed a "bullet" shaped sinker that would eventually become a staple among almost every angler in the world.

The uniquely shaped weight became the launching point in 1970 for Crumrine’s new company called Bullet Weights, Inc. with the first manufacturing facility located in Grand Island, Nebraska. Crumrine promoted the new sinker vigorously through local and regional fishing tournaments and the product caught on quickly.

The lead product line continued to grow rapidly with new products added each year. Then in 1995, Bullet Weights demonstrated its innovation as a company by adding Ultra Steel and Ultra Tin products to its line. These products are now offered to anglers as a more environmentally friendly alternative to lead, but more importantly as a line of sinkers with unique fishing performance advantages. Some of the Ultra Steel products are also offered with patented PermaScent and PermaColor features.

"We are always looking to offer products to our customers that provide benefits to anglers," Bullet Weights President Joe Crumrine said.

Product colors for weights and sinkers available from Bullet Weights include Black, Brown, Red, Natural, Watermelon Pepper Green, Transparent Red and Transparent Purple. "Anglers are always looking for something different that might give them an edge in catching more fish," Bullet Weights President Joe Crumrine said. "We talked with several of our customers who are avid anglers and got input on what have been the hot colors in several lakes and rivers throughout the country. The new colors also give anglers better opportunities to match the sinker with many popular soft baits and hooks." Some of the colors offer a transparency which allows the metal sheen below to show through and creates flash for fish to home in on.

While Bullet Weights continues to offer a full line of lead weights and sinkers, the forward-thinking company has also introduced and continues to expand its selection to include an extensive line of it’s products in other materials such as brass, tin, steel, and most recently, tungsten. Bullet Weights continues its commitment to anglers by offering choice. As environmentally-responsible practices are becoming more and more the topic of concern these days, even mandated on some waters in some states and countries, Bullet Weights is far ahead of the game by having product already on the shelves to meet the needs of any angler.

Bullet Weights Bass Casting - Recycled FishEnvironmentally-friendly, lead alternative weights and sinkers offer fisherman from all over the globe a way of fishing that is more thoughtful to future generations of anglers and other wildlife. These other metals allow anglers to feel the bottom better when they Carolina rig, jig, drag or drop-shot their presentations, allowing them to "read" the underwater structure more effectively due to the increased sensitivity offered by such products. With a better "feel," anglers bring more fish to hand.

Different non-lead materials offer different advantages.

Bullet Weights Tin Split Shot - Recycled FishTin is a metal that closely resembles lead but is friendlier to the environment. Easy on - easy off, Tin is softer than other non-lead metals, making it an ideal environmentally smart solution for removable shot.

Steel also offers a brighter appearance and a wide variety of color options with Bullet Weights expansive color selection. Not only non-toxic and environmentally more responsible than lead, it also produces its very own distinct sound whether Texas- or Carolina-rigged. When working structure, steel’s denser properties also offer increased sensitivity for better feel of the structure and cover being fished. Former company President Doug Crumrine said, "Because of the extra sensitivity steel offers, they will be able to get a better feel for what type of bottom they are dealing with. Steel also won’t deform like lead can when it hits structures like rocks, docks or stumps." Longer lasting Ultra Steel retains its shape better, suffers less oxidized build-up, offers improved snag resistance and overall cleaner chamfered holes, and is generally less bulky than other non-lead materials. Besides Bullet Weights Ultra Steel products being non-toxic and environmentally friendly, they are accepted as a lead alternative in states where certain size lead sinkers have been banned.

Bullet Weights extensive "Ultra Steel" line includes: Bullet Weight, Bullet Lock, Drop Weight System, Ultra Sound Bouncer, Egg Sinker, Bass Casting Sinker, Torpedo Weight, Carolina Quick-Rig, Walleye Sinkers, and its Ultra Steel "Interchangeable Jig". With the Interchangeable Jig, the hook locks the weight in place until you decide to change it, which takes just seconds, with no need for retying.

Bullet Weight Brass Bullet - Recycled FishBrass weights offer a bit of flash to the presentation when Texas-rigging, and when coupled with a glass bead ("glass and brass"), offers a brighter, louder, and more distinct sound when Carolina-rigging, to get the fish’s attention, both audibly and visually. The original Bullet Weight in brass is one of the most popular sinkers for the company. The Brass Bullet Weight is diamond-polished for an extra-fine finish.

Tungsten offers all the advantages of steel to an even greater degree, an advantage that tournament bass anglers and everyday multi-species anglers, whether freshwater or saltwater, appreciate, despite the added cost for the weights. Considering the cost of gas to run a boat and the precious time off work on the weekends, many anglers feel they cannot afford to go out on the water and miss fish by not having every advantage available to them. Again, offering an environmentally sound weighting system, the density of tungsten is so great as to be able to offer the added advantage of a smaller sized package relative to lead, a quality that can be extremely important when working heavy grass and weed cover.

Bullet Weights Tungsten Original Bullet is the latest product offered by the company. Today tungsten is, and continues to be, the choice for many serious anglers. The advantage is that the metal is twice as dense as lead allowing anglers to use a weight that is not only smaller and less obvious in the presentation, but able to slip through weeds and heavier cover much more easily due to the more compact package without sacrificing the weight needed to bring it down without hanging up. Bullet Weights Tungsten Original Bullets are available in watermelon pepper, transparent red, transparent purple, black and other natural colors.

Today, Bullet Weights is one of the largest sinker manufacturers in the world and is reported to have the largest selection of fishing sinker products in the marketplace. Its’ products are distributed worldwide by major outdoor retailers, marine dealers, sporting goods stores, and department stores.

For questions regarding products contact Bullet Weights, Inc. at (308) 382-7436 or (800) 872-0131. Be sure to visit their website at www.BulletWeights.com .