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FoodSource LuresWith the idea of creating a better lure to catch fish, and a growing concern of water pollution created by lost soft plastic worms, craws, etc., Ed Rogers and a team of scientists at Auburn University set their sites on creating a new and different fishing bait to achieve their lofty goals. And so, FoodSource Lures were born!

FoodSource Lures are soft molded lures, like the standard soft plastic worms, craws, and lizards anglers commonly fish with, but like them only in shape and pliancy. FoodSource Lures are not created with any plastics or plastisol, but an entirely different composition made of biodegradable proteins and actual foodstuffs that fish can not only eat and digest, but thrive on as well!

FoodSource Lure Corporation was formed for the purpose of commercializing a breakthrough fishing lure technology that was developed by fisheries and food scientists at Auburn University. Auburn’s talented development team included Dr. Russell Wright from the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, and Dr. Jean Weese and Dr. Leonard Bell from the Department of Nutrition and Food Science.

FoodSource Shrimp - Recycled FishEd Rogers, president of FoodSource Lures, sees the innovation in their products in this way: "It sounds um…prideful…to say we have a product that’s the best recent innovation in fishing. It’s the first one that I’ve ever boasted about, but I think it is important because it’s not just a new shape of fishing lure, or a new color, or one that has a certain type of action. It is just a whole new way at looking at fishing. You can be more effective when you’re fishing if you’re offering the fish something that they want to eat. But at the same time, our lures are durable, so they’re not just going to fall apart like a paste. Because they’re made from food, they’re biodegradable, they are not going to pollute and trash the very waters that we all enjoy. That has got significance to it beyond anything like a new shape or color or sound. We realize that we’ve got an obligation in putting out this special product to be purposeful in the way we look at conservation….".

The Freshwater line runs the full gamut of species, from catfish to bass to walleye and steelhead.

Turkey Creek Darter - Recycled Fish New for 2008, FoodSource introduces their Alabama Rivers Series. With all of the lures in the Alabama Rivers line, a portion of your purchase helps save endangered fish through the Freshwater Land Trust.

The Alabama Rivers Series includes the Turkey Creek Darter , Coosa Warrior, and Little Flick.

FoodStick - Recycled FishOther freshwater offerings from FoodSource include the 3-inch Earthworm, 3-inch Leech, 3-inch Steeler, 4-inch Minnow, 5-inch Food Stick, 7-inch Spear Tail Worm, and Craw Chunk. They even have a Goliath Grub for those fishing musky and pike!

The number of stores carrying FoodSource-brand fishing lures has grown every year since its inception. FoodSource lures now are sold in 4000 stores in the U.S., Canada and overseas. In fall 2007, the Company expanded into the hunting category with a series of hunting attractants in a solid gel format. The company is developing even more products using its patented 100% Real Food™ formula. New products include: bait for oral delivery of pharmaceuticals to wildlife; oral delivery vehicles for pet medicine and livestock medicine; training/transitional feed for young fish; fish treats for pet fish; and land turtle food, to name a few. The company’s offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Please visit the FoodSource Lures website at www.FSLures.com. This site is loaded with a lot of information not only on FoodSource Lures, but also information and links regarding up-to-date news, articles, and studies on soft plastic lures and their effects on fish and fisheries.

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