S.A.F.E. Angling Profile - LineCycle Fishing

Linecycle Fishing logoRyan Kneedler from Springfield, Missouri is a die-hard fisherman. He fishes whenever and wherever he can.  His native home in the Ozarks spoils its residents with excellent lakes, rivers, and ponds for fishing. One continuing problem he ran into was the amount of fishing line fishermen accumulate over a short period of time – and that some discard on the water.  He found his fishing bag full of used fishing line time and time again.  Bundles of fishing line would accumulate from re-lining fishing reels after rats nests, break-offs, and from replacing outdated line. But the issue that really bothered him was fishing line polluting the waterways he loves to fish.  Not only does improperly discarded fishing line cause immediate problems for waterfowl, wildlife, fish and fishermen, it creates centuries of problems for future anglers and wildlife. Through further research, he found that fishing line can stay in our waterways for over 600 years.  He saw this as a huge problem, and felt he needed to do something to help solve it.

What he came up with was the Line Snatcher and a new company, LineCycle Fishing.

“I wanted to create a useful product for all fishermen,” said Kneedler. “A product to contain used fishing line that might otherwise be discarded into our waterways.  I also wanted to provide a recycling center so that any fisherman would be able to recycle their used fishing line.”

Line Cycle Fishing is the first company to offer a single place to recycle Monofilament, Fluorocarbon, and Braided fishing lines.

“All fishing line is a potential threat no matter what style of line it is,” points out Kneedler.

Line Cycle Fishing currently has one product, The Line Snatcher. 

The container is very versatile, it attaches to all styles of boats (freshwater/saltwater) and fishing bags. It includes eight hook slots for containing used hooks that might otherwise be discarded into our waterways as well. 

“We want to focus on the issue at hand and have every boat on the water use our product,” says Kneedler. “We do have future plans to launch other products.”

The Line Snatcher is best suited to avid anglers who fish with conventional tackle from boats. 

Whether you own a boat of some kind or just fish with a tackle box or fishing bag, you could find benefit from the Line Snatcher.  It’s mainly designed for fishing boats such as: canoes, kayaks, johnboats, outboard boats (large/small & freshwater/saltwater), and just about every boat on the water.

Some misconceptions about the Line Snatcher are that some anglers say they re-line their reels before going fishing and don’t have excess fishing line while on the water

These anglers are the ones who fish once or twice a year.  The Line Snatcher may make more sense for the avid angler who fishes at least 10 times a year.

Another misconception is that some anglers are just opposed to recycling fishing line.  We’re not asking every angler to recycle but we would like to spread the awareness and offer a recycle center for those anglers who choose to be a stewardship-minded angler.

The Line Snatcher is one of a kind.  This is the first product like it to be introduced to the market, because it’s a product linked to a process. First, contain your line, then send it in to have it recycled.

Missouri Plastics is the recycling center where anglers can send their used line to be recycled and made into brand new products. Missouri Plastics stands behind Line Cycle Fishing’s vision and wanted to be the first recycler to accept all three types of fishing line to be recycled.  Line Cycle Fishing & Missouri Plastics have a five year non-compete contract together. 

The Line Snatcher is is proudly 100% made in the USA, the molds and production take place in Utah.  Through a lot of research and phone calls, Kneedler found the perfect production company.  It was very important to him to produce the Line Snatcher in the USA.

The Line Snatcher is UV protected which provides long life in harsh weather conditions. 

Currently the Line Snatcher is available online through the Line Cycle website (www.linecyclefishing.com), but the company is working on distribution through marine and tackle retailers.