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Trigger X logo - Recycled FishRapala VMC has joined the bio-soft revolution by introducing and marketing it’s new "Trigger X" product line, bringing anglers yet another option for biodegradable soft baits such as worms, curltail grubs, and creatures for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

Like all of the biodegradable soft baits on the market at this time, Trigger X offers anglers it’s own unique twist on the theme. Trigger X is the only biodegradable bait on the market to use "UltraBrite", a species-specific pheromone scent technology. These pheromones are what put the "trigger" into Trigger X, triggering instinctive feeding behavior in fish whether in freshwater or saltwater. Pheromones naturally attract fish and trigger their brain into thinking it’s time to eat. And while pheromones have been used and incorporated in soft plastic lures for years, Rapala’s use of it in a biodegradable soft lure is something new and different, and sure to spark (or renew) the interest in it as an added component in realm of fish-catching. Trigger X enables the angler to "flip on the eat switch"!

"Anglers will soon hold the power to suddenly turn the bite on," says Mark Fisher, Rapala director of field promotions. "Put simply, pheromones emitted by fish influence the behavior of other members of the same species and in turn influence the behavior of other species. If baitfish emit pheromones to communicate danger, their reaction triggers nearby predators to feed. In turn, the school of predators emit their own pheromones associated with feeding, working the school into a frenzy."

Designed to mimic natural forage shapes, Trigger X baits are available in a wide range of fish catching colors to suit every angling situation. Many feature a translucent effect for a natural appearance. All Trigger X baits feature a ribbed body design for more life-like movement and natural swimming action, as well as an increased dispersion of scent and pheromones into the water due to increased surface area.

Trigger X baits are made from a special proprietary biodegradable material, a new Advanced Biodegradable Polymer construction. Due to it’s extremely supple action, Trigger X is able to be fished all year long, whether it’s in the dead of summer or winter, allowing anglers to quickly and easily adapt to a multitude of angling scenarios. Trigger X baits come sealed in unique form-fitting trays filled with the Trigger X serum to retain their shape and maintain pheromone saturation, and are made from an environmentally-friendly material that is biodegradable.

Rapala also sells their liquid Trigger X formula in a spray bottle so scent can be reapplied to their Trigger X baits, or for use with any other lure, hard or soft.

Trigger X baits are available in a wide array of classic colors including black, white, watermelon, green pumpkin, junebug, and pumpkinseed, among others.

Freshwater options for anglers include:

Trigger X Bass Baits - Recycled FishTrigger X Nightcrawler
Trigger X Jumbo Leech
Trigger X Flutter Worm
Trigger X Tubes
Trigger X Swimming Worm
Trigger X Minnow
Trigger X Swimming Grubs
Trigger X Frog
Trigger X Creature
Trigger X Lizard

Saltwater options include:

Trigger X Shrimp
Trigger X Crab
Trigger X Strip Bait

Rapala’s Trigger X emergence onto the biodegradable softbait market not only signifies the demand and importance of this category of baits to anglers, but actually is a continuation of their tradition and commitment to bringing environmentally responsible lures to market for anglers, adding to their proven and expansive, primarily lead-free, wooden hardbait lure line.

For more information and product details, be sure to check out the Trigger X website at www,TriggerX.com . A new classic in the making!

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