SAFE Tackle #1: Barbless Hooks

Switch to barbless hooks

  • It’s safer for us anglers – when you hook yourself, it’s not as traumatic
  • Taking kids fishing is important, and you want to protect your kids from barbed hooks
  • It’s better for fish, and you really don’t lose any more fish, once you figure out how to keep a tight line
  • Your hooks don’t get caught in nets and boat carpet and clothing as badly
  • Unhooking fish is faster, which means release comes more quickly, reducing air exposure time
  • Deeply hooked fish have better survival rates with barbless hooks
  • Barbless hooks have outstanding penetration – hooks sink deep, fast, baits never hang on the barb

Here’s how to go barbless: barbs on wire hooks can be flattened with pliers

  • Large hooks and saltwater hooks might need to be filed down
  • Pinching leaves a little "bump" which is like a semi-barb, kind of a happy medium


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