SAFE Tackle #7: Circle or Kahle style Hooks

Circle or Kahle style hooks with live- and deadbait rigs.Circle or Kahle Style Hooks - Recycled Fish

  • In most instances, the use of a circle hook is the best choice for fish and fisherman. This style of hook requires a slightly different fishing method, in that the hook is not set immediately upon the strike. This style of hook slides out of the fish’s gut or gullet, catching the fish in the corner of the mouth, vastly reducing injury to the fish.
  • Once hooked, fish are rarely able to throw the hook and bait.
  • Primarily used for live bait, such as crawlers, minnows or other baitfish, or deadbait or cutbait, the Circle Hook holds the bait onto the line very well while casting. This saves the angler both time and money spent re-rigging new bait should it get thrown from the hook during casting.
  • Similar to the Circle hook is the Kahle hook, another good alternative.


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