SAFE Tackle #10: De-Hooking Tool

Get a de-hooking tool that allows you to release fish in-water with minimal contact. Dehooking Tool - Recycled Fish

  • Somewhat dependant upon the size and species of fish being pursued, de-hooking tools such as needle-nose pliers, forceps, diagonal or wire-cutters, hook-cutters, jaw-spreaders, and de-hookers such as the "De-Hooker" or Baker "Hook-Outs", help to ensure a quicker and more efficient release, preferably in the water. Tools such as these and others allow for less injury to the fish during the hook removal and release, reducing stress to the fish by getting it back into the water more quickly.
  • Any tools that aid in a quicker, more efficient release of fish back into the water also benefits the angler looking to maximize time on the water and cast again.


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