SAFE Tackle #3: Lead-free Weights

Begin converting to tackle that does not contain lead, especially weights and split-shot sinkersSplit Shot Sinkers - Recycled Fish

  • Lead is a known toxic "heavy metal" that is widely recognized to be harmful to humans and animals. It has been removed/ banned from gasoline, paint, and children’s toys in the U.S.. Lead exposure is more of a threat to infants and children, with widely accepted scientific evidence of developmental damage due to children’s developing and highly susceptible immune systems. The opportunity for this to occur is made possible due to children notoriously putting things into their mouths as a habit.
  • Lead tackle items such as small sinkers, jigs, and split-shot, etc., which routinely get lost in the water due to anglers snagging fishing lines on underwater structure (such as weeds, wood, brush, rocks, etc.) are sometimes ingested by wildlife, esp. waterfowl and other waterbirds (esp. loons, swans, eagles, etc.) as they pick up small stones into their mouths to use in the aid of mastication and digesting their food. This leads to lead poisoning and death.
  • Several states and some U.S. national parks, as well as other entire countries, ban the use of lead tackle, or have strict restrictions on the purchase and/ or use of lead tackle in their waterways.
  • These heavy metals leach into the waterways, many times coming back to our water systems and daily living water supplies.


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