SAFE Tackle #6: Quick-Strike Rigs

Try "Quick-Strike" rigs for trolling live and dead bait presentations

Quick Strike Rig - Recycled Fish

  • Quick-Strike rigs, generally used for live and deadbait presentations for walleye, musky and pike, utilize two hooks in tandem, (sometimes a single hook followed by a treble hook), on a bite-proof leader-type materials. The baitfish is hooked once in the head with the the first treble (or single hook), with the second treble hook embedded lightly need the baitfish’s dorsal or lateral fin.
  • Due to particular way walleye, musky and pike attack their prey, generally striking the prey from the side in the middle of the body in a t-bone fashion, taking the prey fish to a quieter location, turning it in their mouths and devouring it head first, the Quick-Strike rig makes for easier capture.
  • Due to the rigs set-up, the hook can be set quickly upon the strike from a musky or pike, before the musky or pike can turn the prey fish around and swallow it and the hooks. This rig avoids the potential of deep- or gut-hooking fish, which dramatically increases fish mortality.


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