SAFE Tackle #9: Rubber Mesh Nets

Knotless Rubber Mesh Landing NetsRubber Mesh Landing Net - Recycled Fish

  • As fish are covered in a protective slime which staves off infection from various underwater bacteria, knotless rubber-mesh landing nets are not only easier on the fish’s skin and scales when netted, but also removes less slime from their bodies.
  • Knotless rubber-mesh nets also reduce the potential for cuts, abrasions and tangling from fishing thrashing in the net during capture. Nets of other materials can often catch and damage a flailing fish, particularly the scales, fins, gills, and eyes. The softness and smaller holes in a rubber-mesh net, are less injurious to the fish overall.
  • The knotless rubber-mesh net also reduces the chances of fish and lure’s hooks to become tangled in the netting upon catch and release, reducing the time the fish’s head is out of the water and released, and allows the angler to more quickly and efficiently release the fish and get his or her line back out on the water.


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