SAFE Tackle #2: Single Hook Lures

Use single hooks instead of treblesSingle Hook Lure - Recycled Fish

  • Allows for quicker and easier release of fish, lessening time fish is out of water.
  • Less damage to the fish’s flesh trying to remove hooks with multiple points or tines embedded in the fish’s mouth, gullet, or gills.
  • Less chance of "foul-hooking" fish, or accidentally catching hook in fish’s eyes or gills during the catch and release.
  • Safer for the angler in terms of not getting hooked if fish thrashes while being released.
  • Less opportunity for hooks to get caught in net, if net is used during the landing of the fish.
  • Easier to maintain hook sharpness with less hook points to attend to.
  • More weedless option for angler who is fishing heavy cover such as weeds, grass, stumps, rushes, cattails, brush piles, etc..


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