SAFE Tackle #8: Timely Landing of Fish

A rod, reel and line matched to the fish you’re pursuing will allow for a timely landing of fish.Right sized Rod and Reel - Recycled Fish

  • Fishing is a "sport", inasmuch as it requires sportsman like behavior and character. Using a rod, reel, and line of appropriate strength to the fish being sought is responsible conduct. It allows the angler to catch, control and land the fish back to the net, boat, or shore safely.
  • Gear unsuitably matched to the target fish ("under-gunned") can result in a prolonged fight wherein the fish reaches a point of exhaustion from which it sometimes cannot recover. Lactic acid build-up in a released fish from a long, drawn-out fight is not an uncommon reason for post-release, delay mortality.
  • Ill-chosen equipment creates an opportunity for a fish to be injured during the fight and landing of the fish, as the angler loses control and spends as much time fighting to control the inadequacies and shortcomings of his or her gear as much as the fish that is hooked.
  • Line that is too light or unsuited for the structure being fished can result in a line or leader break-off, where the angler loses a valuable tackle in the fishes mouth and the fish has a hook, jig, or lure deeply embedded and dangling from it’s mouth, which poses a number of potential survival problems for that fish trying to thrive and feed with that terminal tackle hanging from it, possibly obstructing their ability to feed properly.


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