SAFE Tackle #5: Use Glue on Hook Trailers

Use super glue, a toothpick, or a lure accessory designed to help hold trailers onto a hook

  • Securing non-biodegradable soft plastic baits to hooks and jigs prevents these from coming loose and littering our waterways.
  • Pegging soft plastic lures with a toothpick, gluing them onto the hook, jig, or trailer hook, or using a lure accessory such as a spring/spiral/clip bait holder or device such as Vertical Lures’ "Sling-X" also prevent fish from swallowing the indigestible soft plastic, which in some cases results in the fish becoming ill or dying.
  • Another technique used by angler is to secure a soft-plastic lure to a jig or hook is to thread the soft plastic bait onto the hook and then add a small bit of tougher plastic or rubber or soft plastic bead onto the hook, much like material used by companies for trailer hooks that are placed over and around the eye of a trailer hook. This keeps the soft plastic lure from sliding down and off the hook.
  • Brush or wire weedguards on jigs can also protect the soft plastic lure from coming loose and lost while jigging weeds and other cover.
  • Weedless hooks, hooks with spring/ spiral plastic baitkeepers, barbed baitkeeper hooks, and jigs with brush or wire weedguards not only help prevent catching jigs and rigs in snags, reducing lost line and gear, lost time on the water spent retying on new terminal tackle, but also aid in protecting soft plastics from being pulled from the hook or jig upon retrieval through the weeds, wood, rocks and other structure.


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