Craig Davis

Online Experience Director (Colorado)

Craig at work on the Roaring Fork River in Colorado

Craig found our website one day when surfing, he liked what we stand for and felt like he should support our cause with a Stewardship. "I read a few articles and thought, Well, I am already an advocate of protecting our waters & fish. I always pick up trash when I am out fishing and guiding too." said Craig, "so I signed up and volunteered to help with the website."

He has been designing, building, developing and marketing websites since 2002, both on his own and for a couple of different website companies. We asked him to help, so Craig joined the Recycled Fish Web Team in December 2009. He has been helping us increase our website presence and improve the online experience ever since.

When he is not sitting in front of his 2 monitors working on websites, you can find him fly fishing somewhere, tying flies or telling lies. Craig has been a fisherman most all of his life, but is now mostly all about Fly Fishing. He is a Fly Fishing Guide and the Online Experience Director for Roaring Fork Anglers in Colorado.

If you are looking for help with a website or you want to contact him to schedule a fly fishing guide trip in Colorado during the Spring, Summer or Fall you can contact him at

Craig is the CEO of Thunder River Web which offers Affordable SEO Service and Co-Founder of Guiding America, a FREE directory of Fishing Guides & Hunting Guides all across America