Josh Milczski

Steward of the Week Editor

Craig at work on the Roaring Fork River in Colorado

I have always loved the outdoors, but unlike many anglers, I did not grow up fishing.  Fishing was introduced to me by my wife, and it goes without saying that obsession soon followed.  I live in the Omaha area and was intrigued by the message Recycled Fish was putting out there and it wasn't long until I put my volunteer cap on. 

I love everything about fishing, including the fisheries themselves and found myself intrigued with how the ecosystems of a pond work.  So much so that I began building my own pond on the farm I grew up on and became actively involved with Pond Boss.  Having visited numerous public and private waters since developing this "fish addiction" has only reaffirmed my belief that an organization like Recycled Fish is not only beneficial to our outdoors, but necessary.

The biggest benefit since being introduced to this industry is the people I have met and befriended.  I continue to be amazed at the generosity, sincerity, and - in my case as I continue to learn - patience.   Truly admirable and something I try to emulate.

I am the Recycled Fish Steward of the Week Editor, am blessed to be given this opportunity to not only give back to a wonderful organization and give credit where it's deserved, but also to meet my heroes – the people doing great things for our waters.