Carl Gretenhardt

I love to fish. Fishing is a passion of mine that has led me across the state of Wisconsin and all over the nation to experience the best nature has to offer. Walleye is my fish of choice, but I'll take just about any reason to get out on the water.

Carl Gretenhardt My passion for fishing began as a love of the outdoors. Nature is something I think we should be able to share and I find enjoyment when experiencing it with others. Sharing nature is why the message of Recycled Fish resonated so strongly with me.

There is a serious problem with water quality, litter and over-harvesting. Anglers I've talked to recognize this and want to make a difference. Working with Recycled Fish has provided me with an outlet to do my part. This is my gift to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

As well as Recycled Fish I promote my love of the outdoors through my website at