Dusty Rodiek

Dust Rodiek - On Ice Tour AmbassadorAll winter long, Dusty Rodiek loves to finesse dinner plate sized bluegills from the gin-clear waters of Iowa's Lake Okoboji or target perch and crappie in his home waters of South Dakota. That is - when he's not serving the good people of Mitchell, South Dakota as Director of Parks & Recreation. His day-job is tied to making sure others are having a quality experience in the outdoors, and it extends into his off-time as well. He's not just a Recycled Fish Ambassador - he's  also an Ice Team Power Stick, helping educate anglers about stewardship and how to get more out of every experience on the ice.

Dusty has a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology/Fisheries Management and has managed a variety of lake improvement projects ranging from a full scale lake restoration to habitat and watershed improvements. Additionally, having been a Hunter Education and Hooked on Fishing instructor for nearly 20 years he is committed to teaching outdoorsmen.

"At the end of the day, that means more than tying on the right lure," says Rodiek. "It's about being ethical sportsmen and protecting the resources that give us so much. One way we can do that is to be good stewards of our waters, so that not only are we able to catch more and bigger fish now but we can leave a legacy of healthy waters for the generations to come."