Ryan Darin

Interactive Experience Ambassador (Connecticut)

Ryan Darin - Interactive experience Manager - Recycled FishRyan is responsible for developing the initial concept of the Recycled Fish website and it's functionality. He’s a whiz-kid when it comes to coding and database management, and has built out most of the neat modules that run on our website.Ryan DaRin is responsible for the programming behind the Recycled Fish Website. "I am really excited about working with this organization, and the people involved with it," says DaRin.

Ryan has been designing and programming sites for almost 5 years now, and loves it! All of the stuff that you can do at the Recycled Fish website, from taking the Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge to viewing Stewardship Tips to searching the Free Image Library is the result of Ryan’s handiwork. We’re excited to have his enthusiasm and incredible ability.

If you have suggestions or ideas for the site, he’s always happy to hear your feedback. Give us a shout through the contact page.