Shane Elkington

Online Ambassador (Oregon)

Shane Elkington Like most kids growing up in Oregon my dad would take me to our local lakes to fish for trout with night crawlers. As a preteen I fished ponds for catfish and sometimes the Rogue River for Steelhead with my step dad and mom. Now I 'm in my early 20's and I enjoy fishing more then ever! The past few years I got back into the sport, and early 2010 I started documenting my fishing trips on my blog, Blazer Shane's Blog.

I personally don't care what im catching as long as I'm out there fishing. Although with this new year I'm gonna try to mostly target, bass, brown trout, and steelhead/salmon. I try to promote being a good sportsman out on the river by practicing catch and keep with the litter that is all over our waters.

Tight Lines!